October 13, 2017

High Altitude Hot Rod Run





The Origin Of Deuces Limited in Australia

Some local hot rodders had become friends with an American club called Deuces Limited, and they encouraged us to start a similar club in Australia.This dates back to 1999 when we first thought about it, and it took until 2002-2003 to actually set the club up here in South East Queensland/Northern NSW.

It was initially just a register of interested parties that all had 1932 Ford hot rods, but we decided to go one step further in 2004 and actually start a club with full A.S.R.F. sanction. The only hiccup we had with this is that officially, by Queensland law, we couldn’t register the name “Deuces Limited”, as it actually refer to a limited liability company, so we registered it as 32 Fords, Incorporated, but all our logos, hats, newsletters etc. go out as “DEUCES LIMITED”!

The club caters for those people with a common interest in 32 fords, and we have a membership that hovers around 25 to 30.

We have one rod run per year, just for our own club members and selected invited friends. We also try for day runs a few times during the year,  and our member base stretches mainly  from Brisbane-Toowoomba-Northern NSW and everywhere in between.